Driver Downloads

Download Driver package by right-click and select Save Link As... or Save Target As...

HP Laserjet M404dn Full Driver (OIS Win8, May 2020)

HP Laserjet M406dn Full Driver (OIS Win8 - Win11) Download to OIS, run from PC

Maha Service Setup Zip (For Gen3 Win7 1905)

Maha Service Setup W10 Zip (For Gen3 Win10, also works with Win7) Download to Desktop and unzip there. Open folder and run setup.bat. Leave the folder on the Desktop.

Maha H8 board 2.x update with instructions for Win7 1905 (included in Win10 update)
(download to desktop and unzip)

Clayton Dyne Utility DYNSPX-UTIL.exe - download to Windows desktop. Runs as stand alone program for Clayton dynes

SIIG v3 zip

SIIG v4 zip

SIIG v5 zip

VLT Fleet Update 2021 - Zipped file with 4 files to copy to flash drive. Run Update from CD to load update. Login to FSR User to unpack and install. (included in Win10 update)