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Issue III


Seventh Street by Pam Einhorn assisted by Brad Beard

A Nightmarish Tale
by James Cundiff and Brad Beard

Halloween Story by Rose Robles

My Worst Fear by James Cundiff
concept by Dave Lambert

Billy by Brad Beard

Vacation's End by Dave Kraybill

Come Closer by Steve Margo

A Case of Evil by Valerie Margo

Halloween by Tiffany Margo

When Halloween Comes
by Julian Margo

Mary by Kirstin Wulf

Welcome once again to "Tales from the Still-Beating Heart." This 1995 edition is our third booklet celebrating the Halloween phenomena. Our eleven writers this ?ear have come up with a collection of tales that are sure to chill you to the bone.

Pam Einhorn's Seventh Street is an all too real encounter a young woman has while on the streets of the city. When the young lad? asks her pursuer what it is he wants, his answer is all too honest.

James Cundiff begins A Nightmarish Tale, setting the scene for the coming horror as the poor nerdy Wayne is duped into going to a haunted house Brad Beard then picks up the tale and takes Wayne into the britches-soaking terror of his life.

Rose Robles wins her fourth grade class entry with Halloween Story. In this who-done-it a collection of characters are placed in a deserted home together as the body count begins to rise.

My Worst Fear, a team effort between Dave Lambert and James Cundiff, tells of a nightmare come true that will make your teeth chatter.

Brad Beard's Billy tells of an average morning at Billy's house. Average that is until blood starts getting on all mom's expensive things.

Vacation's End by Dave Kraybill tells of a man whose past is about to catch up with him - forever.

Steve Margo's Come Closer is a chilling rhyme about a man who is haunted by a call to embrace upon the barren moors.

A Case of Evil by Valerie Margo tells of one who walks among is with evil on his mind - but not without worry.

Halloween by Tiffany Margo is a tale of a graveyard that just might nuke you afraid to die.

Julian Margo spooks us once again with When Halloween Comes, a frightening jingle that will keep you awake beneath ?our covers.

Mary by Kirstin Wulf tells of boarding school girls stalked by a killer. Is that cold chill of wind that Mary feels coming from the window that she knows she closed?

Enjoy them... if you dare...

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