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The Continuing Story

Here's how it works, click on the link for one of the Continuing Stories and read what's there so far. Then take a look at the plot format and write a paragraph or three to continue it. Use your wordprocessor (between us we can read documents compatible with MS Word97, Lotus WordPro97 or WordPerfect 8.) and create a document, then attach it to an e-mail. Or you can open the e-mail link on the story page and type in the mail window or you can type in the wordprocessor and copy it over into the e-mail window and send it. As fast as we can get to them (We both have day jobs, too.) we'll take the entry that fits the best -- yes, in our opinion -- and append it onto the end of the story.

Not many restrictions, you can add characters if it makes sense, change the plot direction if it makes sense, anything you want as long as it fits with the story thus far. Randomly killing off the characters doesn't make sense. Save that for the video games. Magic is fine as long as it fits, again. I become redundant, so pick one of the stories in progress:

Dimensional Dream

Cabin Fever

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