Issue IX is the "Mad Scientist Issue." Just released Check out Issue IX. Get your copy in print or CD.

The Mad Scientist Issue IX

"You've waited long enough my good subject there
You'll be on your feet soon, you have my word
But before you do that, there's just one more item
Would you mind if I added one extra new thing ?" - from Oh, Doctor

Check out our new features, Beard's Corner and the new serial, Mythos Nocturnal.

    Well, shiver me timbers. There's a seagoing yarn resurrected from the depths of the Satan Issue #7. Join the Captain, the crew and Satan, too in The Island of Dirty Old Men.


Search for lost souls with Sheriff Wilson in Hermy's Run and Hermy's Run II: The Awakening. As promised you can now access Biff, the Cheerleader Slayer from Issue IV.

Preview Issue VIII with Echoes of Apocalypse.

Check out the resources for writers in Links.

We are now members of the webrings listed below and on the new Webrings page.

Find out what a typical morning is like with Billy from Issue III.

Add a paragraph to the continuing story workshop. Make the plot thicken in the Continuing Story.

Mythos Nocturnal

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